Recipe by Erin Eastland
Photos by Amy Sheridan

Why do we love meatloaf? Well, 2 main reasons…
1) it’s super easy to make, and 2) it can last us for the whole week.

We make a loaf on Monday for dinner and enjoy it along side a few spears of seared Asparagus and a pint of Chimay White. Then Wednesday rolls around and we haven’t packed a lunch for work so we cut a slice, shove it between a Hawaiian roll, brown bag it and hit the road. Then on Friday we saunter home from the gym and are in dire need of some post-workout protein so we cut a corner and toss it with some lentils into the microwave for 45 seconds -BAM, ultimate buffness. But not only is it super convenient and versatile, with this K.O. Ketchup sauce it actually tastes awesome too.

Let us reclaim the Meatloaf from uninspired mom-kitchens everywhere.

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