Yes, we did say you can pretty much put K.O. Ketchup on anything and we stand by that. But here we’ve rallied our experts to hone in on a few of the most awesome combinations that really tend to turn your meal into a party.

Making New Friends: We Shipped 2,400 bottles of K.O. Ketchup for FREE

The Free Ketchup Campaign

For those of you that may have missed out, in an effort to make some new pals, shake some hands, and do a little mingling, we handed out 2,400 bottles of 100% free K.O. Ketchup to all of those who “liked” our Facebook page.

To say the campaign was a success is an understatement. And to say it was an easy win would be a straight up lie.

The truth is, we’re a small operation over here in Downtown Los Angeles, so shipping 2,400 bottles of ketchup required some… elbow grease, to say the least.

When we first thought up this absurd campaign we knew we wanted to get 2,400 bottles of our product into 2,400 pairs of hands, what we didn’t know is that it would only take 2 hours.

We were a bit surprised -to say the least- and definitely had our work cut out for us.

Turns out that 2,400 bottles of ketchup also required 2,400 separate boxes and 2,400 separate shipping labels. We think we sent our printer into early retirement (in fact, you should expect a “Eulogy to a ZB 500 Label Printer” blog post in the near future). It took a full day just to print the labels!

Next, with the packaging all ready to go, we just had to stuff the boxes… no biggie. Except it was a biggie. A three ton biggie. We had THREE pallets (each just shy of a ton) of spicy, tangy burger sauce to pack into 2,400 5 by 8 inch boxes. No way we were accomplishing this alone… so we enlisted the help of our closest friends, relatives and random flavor enthusiasts to help out by enticing them with a massive K.O. BBQ.

Next thing you know…


The K.O. ketchup giveway was quite the experience and in the end, we think the chance to make friends with all of you fine folks (from Hawaii and Alaska to Guam and Puerto Rico) was well worth the blisters, backaches and broken bones… ok, maybe not broken but certainly belabored.

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Boring to BAM!: K.O. Ketchup Meatloaf Recipe

Recipe by Erin Eastland
Photos by Amy Sheridan

Why do we love meatloaf? Well, 2 main reasons…
1) it’s super easy to make, and 2) it can last us for the whole week.

We make a loaf on Monday for dinner and enjoy it along side a few spears of seared Asparagus and a pint of Chimay White. Then Wednesday rolls around and we haven’t packed a lunch for work so we cut a slice, shove it between a Hawaiian roll, brown bag it and hit the road. Then on Friday we saunter home from the gym and are in dire need of some post-workout protein so we cut a corner and toss it with some lentils into the microwave for 45 seconds -BAM, ultimate buffness. But not only is it super convenient and versatile, with this K.O. Ketchup sauce it actually tastes awesome too.

Let us reclaim the Meatloaf from uninspired mom-kitchens everywhere.

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All Around Man Meal: Pulled Pork Sandwich Recipe with K.O. Ketchup Sauce

Recipe by Erin Eastland
Photos by Amy Sheridan

Game day, backyard BBQ, poker night.

Really, there is no man moment or event that could not benefit from this K.O. Ketchup Pulled Pork Sandwich recipe. This is one of those treats that takes a little foresight though… there will be no “I’ll just throw it together at the last minute.” If you know you’re going to be feeding a large group, get this going in the AM and you wont really have to tend to it until it’s about ready so you’ll have plenty of time to pound a few beers with your buds. We suggest serving them up with this Fried Green Bean Recipe with Beer Batter.

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