Who is K.O.?

When he’s not flipping burgers at a beach side BBQ or perfecting his poses for the summer slip and slide Olympics, you can find K.O. tossing the Frisbee or hosting a Call of Duty tournament from his decked out man cave. His other interests include intramural sports, cave spelunking, long boarding (water and concrete) and food-truck hopping.
Why and how did this Ketchup come to life?

Remember back when Ketchup was the coolest thing in the cupboard? You tossed it on your French fries, lathered it over your meatloaf, dumped it on your eggs… it really was the only condiment you ever needed. But the times have changed. No longer must we be confined to such a mundane lifestyle. Frogger, kick ball and roller rinks have been replaced by extreme sports, interactive video games and 3D movies and we just couldn’t stand by and watch as our favorite condiment was left to decay in the dull humdrum of the past. So, we made it our mission to evolve our go-to sauce along with our lifestyle.
What is the difference between Heinz Hot and Spicy and K.O. Ketchup?

Check the translation of ingredients below.
• Tomato concentrate -> whole vine ripened tomatoes
• High Fructose Corn Syrup -> Brown Sugar
• Distilled Vinegar -> Balsamic Vinegar
• Onion powder -> Chipotle Peppers, Garlic, Black Pepper and Cilantro
Why should I be willing to pay any more for Ketchup?

The truth is, there are a lot of things at the grocery stores these days that advertise marketing catch phrases to help sell more products. “All natural,” “Organic,” “Gluten Free,” “High Fiber”… you’ve seen em’ all. If you can afford it, splurge for Organic and All Natural everything. But if you’re going to be selective about where you choose to spend your money, it makes more sense to put your dollars where they’re going to have the most impact. For instance: If you’re a big egg eater, going Cage-Free and Organic is understandable. But if you’re not consistently pounding guacamole, the chances of you incurring any long term health risks from a non-organic avocado are slim to none. Our point is, choose wisely where you spend your Quality Ingredient dollars.

That being said, the cost breakdown for K.O. Ketchup really boils down to two factors:
1) High quality, fresh, all natural ingredients. If you see yourself using this product as it’s intended to be used (the quickest and easiest way to spice up ANY and EVERY boring meal), then we think the extra buck or so every month is money well spent.
2) Everything is produced and manufactured in our little home of a factory in Downtown Los Angeles.

You say it can go on everything? Prove it!

Fair enough, we have no problem standing by our claim… head on over to our blog for a consistent stream of new ways to add K.O. Ketchup to your never ending arsenal of dull dishes.